Hiking DL6JOE

Hi, my name is Joe and since 15 December 2022 I have my Class A Ham Radio License.

Before, I had a Class E Novice License from 27 June to 14th December.

I started with CB radio almost 30 years ago. After a few silent years, I started last year again with CB radio. 

Ham Radio Collage DL6JOE

And now I have found a big playground for experiments. There are so many things to try in ham radio. Every day there are interesting new things to discover and, above all, new contacts with people from all over the world.

But ham radio is not my only hobby. Beekeeping is another hobby. Or Hiking, Camping and Geocaching. 

You are welcome to contact me. 

I am qrv in the following bands/modes:

  • 80 m (FT8 only currently, too short antenna ;))
  • 40 m 
  • 30 m (FT8 Sporadically)
  • 20 m 
  • 17 m
  • 15 m
  • 12 m
  • 11 m CB, Sometimes in the garden or when I'm Hiking on the Swabian Alb
  • 10 m
  • 2 m 
  • 70 cm 
  • DMR ID: 2630146
  • C4FM
  • D-Star
  • Dapnet: 0630146
  • APRS

My current projects:

  • Learn CW
  • Build my own Hotspot with Raspberry and MMDVM (when I found cheap parts)
  • Playing around with Arduino and ESP32
  • Some antenna construction projects
  • Experiments with Meshtastics
  • Building a LoRa Beelogger (I think this is a work for winter)