The Amateur radio class A license is done.

Now I have the head free to learn CW (Continuous Wave). 

I'll show you how I do it and give you some helpful links and tools. 

Helpful Links to learn CW

There are many sites that show you how to learn the Morse code.

I will introduce you a few of them, and show you which one of them I prefer to use.

It's a Multi Language Site and the first one that I have found after a quick search in Google. 

After the registration, you can use the site for free. It's helpful to know the ten finger system when you learn with 

The site offers a statistics and many settings options.

Morse with Google

My first choice to learn letters, numbers and special characters. 

It's easy to use, and you can learn with the smartphone on every place you want.

For each character is shown a picture that is easy to learn. Ideal for visual learners.

It is simple to transfer what you have learned to Morserino's Morse Paddles because you use the same two fingers.

Video Course

A German CW Course from DL8MH on YouTube. I haven't a look on it until now. 

Playlist "Telegrafie für Anfänger"

Morserino 32

The Morserino 32 was designed by OE3WKL

This is a kit that need a little soldering. The Morserino is a multifunctional morse-device (Keyer, Trainer, Decoder and Transceiver.) 

The feature list is long, and you can read completely on the site from Morserino.

CW Learning with Morserino 32

My way to learn the Morse code

I learn with different methods to reach my goal as fast as possible: The first QSO in CW. 

With the Morserino and the external Paddle, I learn to give the letters and characters.

Morse with Google supports me. With I generate MP3 to learn hearing the code. 

Training Paddle

I use this paddle for training. It's handy and great for outdoor activities like SOTA, COTA or POTA. It has three strong magnets on the bottom to attach it securely on your receiver. 

CW Paddle

Get it on Amazon: Mini CW Paddle*

Interesting and helpful about CW

I have found an interesting video about CW and other stuff. Do you know Beethoven's 5th? There is a hided Morse code in the song. 

CW is an intangible cultural heritage

Since 2014, CW has been included in the UNESCO catalog of intangible cultural heritage.  

The training Coin

You can get it on eBay or AliExpress. Search for CW decoder coin. This coin is useful to always have with you in your pocket trousers.

CW Decoder Coin

You can do it with light too

A simple flashlight is enough to give Morse code. 

Now it's your turn

How do you learn cw, or how did you learn it? Do you have any tips for me? Please write it in the comments.

*Amazon Affiliate Link

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