How do I log my QSOs? 

There are many ways to log QSOs. On the paper, in the smartphone or PC and Internet. 

I'll show you what I use and why. 

The search was not easy for me because since 2003 I don't use any Windows pc. 

My preferred system is Linux and recently macOS on the iPad and MacBook Air. 

There are some programs on these systems, not all of them are easy to use.  

Paper log

The good old paper logbook works everywhere. You don't need an internet connection and other devices. 

I use this sometimes outdoor. Then I transfer the logs to the program.

For the outdoor logs I have a template with the most important information such as date, time, frequency, and call sign in my backpack. 


The first program that I tried out was Cloudlog. It's a web-based software that you can install on your webspace. 

cloudlog ham radio logbook

It offers good functionality, statistics, filter options and even a contest mode. 

I use it for backup log and for experimenting with the software itself. 

It is constantly being further developed, and new functions are added. 

Rumlog and Rumlog2Go

Rumlog on the MacBook Air and Rumlog2Go on the iPad are my favorite Log programs. 

Rumlog Log Program

DL2RUM has developed this software for its use. It is powerful and works with the interface of my Icom IC-705 perfectly. 

The Logbook is synced with iCloud between MacBook and iPad. And it also offers a Contest mode. 

You can connect Rumlog to LOTW, ESQL and Clublog

The software can be downloaded for free. For more Information, visit: Rumlog Logbook

The Logbook can be used for free. I use it to upload all my logs and confirm the QSOs with other OMs and YLs. I also like to use the Award program.

It is nice to have a confirmation with contacts from the whole world.  

My Logging Workflow

Normally, I log my QSOs with Rumlog on the MacBook. 

From time to time, I upload the logs to Cloudlog. From Cloudlog it is one click, and it uploads to

Which log program do you use?

Tell me in the comments what log program do you prefer and why. 

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