Hi, my name is Joe and since 15 December 2022 I have my Class A Ham Radio License. 

Before, I had a Class E Novice License from 27 June to 14th December. 

I started with CB radio almost 30 years ago. After a few silent years, I started last year again with CB radio. 

Unfortunately, there wasn't much going on, on the CB frequencies. 

Through some YouTube videos of DL2YMR, DL8MH and also DO1HFS I decided to do the amateur radio exam.

I did not regret. It is a complex and interesting hobby with many facets.

After reading many amateur radio sites, I decided to create one myself.

There are many outdated sites on the web that look like they were from the early days of the internet.

This is my first only English Homepage. Another challenge to expand my English skills and also to reach a larger audience.

Comments are welcome

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