I have found a nice little helper for my IC-705. It is an external Display based on M5Stack Core Basic or M5Stack Core 2. I use it as well for my APRScube.

The Display can show you information like S-Meter, Multimeter, DXTracker or use the internal Keyer for Audio or CW.

I know, the IC-705 can show all this information on the screen. But it costs space, to the disadvantage of the spectrum scopes. 

When you use this little gadget, you can use the full size of the spectrum scopes and have all the other information on your M5Stack Display.

It works with Bluetooth and also with USB-Connection. The M5Stack brings its battery, so you can use it without a power supply. 

Now a few pictures and the links to the relevant pages


The default application on M5HamRadio. A nice S-Meter with different options. 

M5HamRadio ICSmeter
M5hamradio Power
M5hamradio SWR


On this screen, you can find much information. I think it's self-explanatory

M5hamradio ICMultimeter
M5hamradio ICMultimeter Send


You can use it for Audio or CW playback.

M5hamradio ICKeyer


The last firmware you can use is the DXTracker

M5hamradio Screen 1
M5hamradio Screen 2
M5hamradio Screen 3

M5HamRadio and M5Stack Core 2

You can buy the M5Stack Core 2, I recommend this version because it has a Touch Display, on different Web stores. For example, eBay and Berrybase.

The software, which is completely free, is from Armel Fauveau (F4HWN). You can find it, with the installation manual, on GitHub: M5HamRadio

How do you find this Icom "Extension"? Tell me in the comments.

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